Harley is a beautiful 2.3 month old miniature highland heifer. She has great confirmation and long fluffy hair. Harley is up to date on all vaccines & deworming and is ready for her new home.

Micro Mini Highland Cattle offer a charming and practical option for those interested in raising cattle on a smaller scale, combining the best traits of Highland cattle with the benefits of a more manageable size.


  1. Cost: Due to their novelty and the specialized breeding required, Micro Mini Highland Cattle can be more expensive to purchase than standard cattle.

  2. Breeding: Breeding miniature cattle can be challenging, requiring careful selection to maintain desirable traits and avoid health issues related to dwarfism.

  3. Care: While they are hardy, they still require proper care, including adequate shelter, nutrition, and veterinary attention to ensure their well-being.



Micro Mini Highland Cattle are a unique and increasingly popular breed known for their small size, gentle temperament, and distinctive long, shaggy coats. If you’re looking to find a reputable breeder, here are some tips and considerations:

Proven Sire of multiple TINY babies. Smallest Recorded Sire in American Miniature Jersey Association and Registry.

34″ Miniature Jersey Bull. Original Herd of Riverview Foundation Lines.

Only 100 Foundation Miniature Jersey Cows in the world! Connerminiature Herd is Pure Foundation Bloodlines DNA Genetic Tested and Disease Free Herd. Tested Chondro Negative Herd.  Naturally Polled Bloodlines. Herd Tested All Offspring will be Naturally Polled. Hand raised. Very friendly. Parents on premises. Cows give up to 4 gallons of milk with 4% butterfat. A1/A1 Tested.


  1. Size: Micro Mini Highland Cattle typically stand around 36 inches or less at the shoulder when fully grown. This small stature makes them easy to handle and suitable for smaller farms or homesteads.
  2. Appearance: Like their larger counterparts, they have long, shaggy coats that come in various colors including red, black, dun, and white. Their distinctive horns curve outwards and then upwards.
  3. Temperament: These cattle are known for their gentle and docile nature. They are generally friendly and easy to manage, making them ideal for families and small-scale farmers.
  4. Adaptability: The thick, double-layered coat of Highland cattle allows them to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them well-suited to colder climates.


  1. Land Management: Due to their small size, Micro Mini Highland Cattle require less pasture and can be an excellent choice for maintaining and managing smaller plots of land.
  2. Meat Production: They produce high-quality, lean beef that is flavorful and nutritious, although the quantity is less compared to larger cattle breeds.
  3. Pet and Hobby Farming: Their manageable size and friendly disposition make them popular as pets and for hobby farming.
  4. Conservation: By raising and breeding Micro Mini Highland Cattle, farmers can contribute to the preservation of this unique and heritage breed.



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