Buying a Highland

Things to know before purchasing a Miniature Cow:

Costs to consider:
1. Fencing (Miniatures are easy keepers.. a simple hot wire with enough food will keep them in)

Average cost: $200

2. Housing: A small Loafing shed works very well.
Average cost: $300 (If you build yourself)
3. Feed bunks. Average cost: $150

4. Small water tank and tank heater. Average cost: $200

5. Vet Bills (shots, ect) I spend about $40 dollars per year per cow

6. Hoof Trimming (Hoofs will need to be trimmed unless
the cows pasture on rough rocky land) You can
pay someone to trim (about $40 per cow per year), or buy an on the ground hoof trimmer for $65.

7. Feed: I feed my cows a mixture of horse quality grass/alfalfa hay, corn stalks, milo, and generic

stock feed.
With current Hay prices in Colorado averaging around $300 per ton: each of my cows cost
around $40 to feed each month . This price would be considerably less with more pasture or cheaper


Time with your cow:

If you want your cow/bull to truly be a pet
you will need to plan on spending at least 2 to 4 hours per
week with them.

Note: Cows are very social animals and do best with other cows/or animals. (I keep one of my bulls

with my pet wallaby, and another bull with three mini donkeys) If you are just
keeping one cow with
nothing else, I would recommend spending at least 1 hour a day with him/her.

We look forward to finding the perfect calf for you!



Let us know what you are seeking. We encourage you to do some research if you are a novice to owning cattle. We are always here to answer any questions.

Waiting List

We will then add you to the waiting list for the calf of your dreams. Once a calf similar to what you desire is available, we will send you pictures and information to make sure it is exactly what you

Down Payment

Once you say yes, we ask for a down payment to hold the calf and then help you set up shipping.  




We may be able to deliver personally, depending on your location. We also have information on a very reputable shipper. We have sold calves to 26 states and one Canadian providence, so don’t be afraid of distance!

Pricing varies depending on sex, color, and mature size.

  • Micro/Miniature Steers: $2,000-4,000
  • Micro/Miniature Heifers: $3,500-6,000
  • Midsize Calves: $1,500-3,000

At Lovable Little ones we offer free on-going support for any of our customers and any interested owners.  This support includes opportunities to visit our farm to experience a hands on learning environment. We teach individuals about cattle husbandry, halter breaking, basic first aid, and hoof care.  We are also available by phone 7 days a week for any questions.

Owning miniature cattle is a big commitment and responsibility.  These animals require daily feeding and attention.  They also live as long as 20 years.   We truly care about each calf that is born here and expect the highest level of care from new owners.  We require future owners to own a minimum of 3 acres to adequately accommodate their new pet, and have a plan on either spending time with their new calf or getting a companion animal.

We are always happy to help answer any questions that you may have.

We breed mini cattle on our family farm and ranch in Imperial, Nebraska. The miniature cattle on our farm are raised with love—the perfect pet you can take home to your family.