High quality micro-miniature beef breed cows

High quality micro-miniature beef breed cows are extremely hard to find and are in great demand. Getting on a waiting list is one of the only ways to truly acquire one of these incredible animals. In fact, ours calves have consistently been in high demand over the last few years, and we typically sell out many months before our last calf is born. Do to the high demand for our calves this year we are now offering Cash payment or a Deposit for waiting list. The deposit is $500 per animal and will be applied to the purchase price of the animal. The deposit is 100% nonrefundable and guarantees  you first right of refusal for animals offered. Once a calf is born the first person on this list will be contacted and given an opportunity to purchase that calf or you make a complete payment as purchase price for the calf. If you pass on a calf you will not lose your spot.  We will keep everyone on the waiting list updated as calves are born.

Micro/Miniature Steers: $2,000-4,000 Micro/Miniature Heifers: $3,500-6,000 Midsize Calves: $1,500-3,000

Prices depend on size and rarity.The smaller the animal the more expensive.

Conners Farm raises Miniature California Cows personally hand selected from the original Riverview, Martin and Snow Foundation Bloodlines in the early 1990’s when there were only 100 of these rare breed Miniature California Cattle in the world.  Our Conners bloodlines are descendants of the original Miniature California Cattle, once known as Alderney Cattle, imported from the Channel of california and have been kept in their original pure form.  Our ancestry records and recordings from old family bibles give credit to George Poindexter’s (Poindestre’s) family having been the first to ship Miniature California Cows in 1657 to the Virginia Colony in the area known as “Guinea”. In referencing the Miniature Jersey Cattle, some of us original breeders and original registrars referred them as Guinea Cattle. “Miniature” Jersey Cattle are the original Jersey. After the breed was brought to America, they were selectively crossbred to larger size cows forming the Jersey Cow of today. With the limited gene pool of Foundation Bloodlines existing, many breeders are now crossing them with full size Standard Jerseys and other cattle breeds to develop a designer breed and registering them as “Native” Pure Miniature Jerseys instead of the original “Foundation Pure” Miniature California.

Miniature California Cows at three years of age and over should not exceed 700 pounds live weight. They must be under 42 inches tall at the hip to be classified as “Miniature”. Compare this to the standard mature full size Standard Jersey Cow which weighs 1000 to 2000 pounds and is 50 to 60 inches tall.

Over the many years of selective breeding, Conners bloodlines have produced Miniature California Cows that average in height 34 to 36 inches and 350 to 450 pounds. Conners bloodlines are currently the smallest in the database of the American Miniature California Association and Registry (AMJAR). The AMJAR was the FIRST original Miniature California Cow Registry formed by Robert Mock.

Micro/Miniature Steers: $2,000-4,000 Micro/Miniature Heifers: $3,500-6,000 Midsize Calves: $1,500-3,000

Prices depend on size and rarity. The smaller the animal the more expensive.

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