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My purpose is to improve and keep healthy the Mini cattle’s breed and help individuals and families with the companion cattle they are looking for through the love and care of a Conners ranch . I work with positive strategies in caring for our dams and studs, raising and empowering cattle to be the best they can be by incorporating the teachings and software program of Badass Breeder’s advanced cattle’s curriculum and temperament testing, Good cattle education, and  classes in addition to my experience as an animal caregiver and breeder. I am committed to continued education and animal care. I am currently enrolled at Unity College for a Master’s in Animal Science & Behavior. I recently joined the IAABC to become a Certified Mini cow Behavior Consultant as well as study Cow training courses. Caring for my Cattles, making companion matches and animal care is my passion and focus in life. Female-owned business breeder of top-quality cattle. Our cattle receive the ultimate care and socialization by being born and raised in the home, spoiled with a lot of handling and love, hands-on training, and exposed to daily home routines. This ensures Our Mini’s ( Cow, Pigs, Donkeys, Llamas etc) are better prepared for life with their forever family. Mini cows are bred for health, temperament, exotic merle, parti, and wolf sable colors with a focus on family companionship, intelligence, athleticism, training, and social skills with other breed and people. I strive to provide our clients with wonderful, healthy, family companion Mini cattle to find a match for both our cattle and the family’s needs and wants. I am dedicated to the health, welfare, enrichment, training, and happiness of our Mini cattle.

Step back in time to the 2000’s and visit our Wild West Town with more than 50 Rare, Heritage and Miniature Breed Therapy Farm Animals.



July 16, 2018 “I found Conners Farm by searching Google for Mini cattle, they were in the top five so along with several other sites I gave them a call. I had bought an unregistered Mini Hereford cow and calf from a man in Texarkana, and I liked them, but wanted to get them breed to a real Mini Hereford bull. I have no background in farming, and am learning as I go along. Nancy put me at ease right away. She engaged me right away, was really interested in discovering what I had to work with and what I wanted to accomplish. She and Conners have been my farm go to resource of choice since day one. When I drove over and met them personally, I was impressed so much, I bought a registered Mini Hereford cow with her calf, and a heifer; and, I leased the most viral, yet easy going bull imaginable Tristan. They always deliver fantastic results. Today I have rented another bull Capt. Conners, he’s a pistol. I’m looking for more of the same. “ Conners – Construction Superintendent in Texarkana, San Francisco.
Raymond J. Eggers
Good afternoon Conners Farm! I know its been a while but thought we would update you on Tootsie. She has been a delight and a joy. Everyone that meets her falls in love, she has been more than we could have ever hoped for in a mini cow. I’m sending a picture of her with her new baby boy born about 2 months ago. He is a little sweetie just like she is. I hope you are enjoying your adventures on board and afloat! – Toys In The Garden Teacup Schnauzers, southeastern Oklahoma
Pam Costin
My brother and me spent a month at Conners farm [from France & Croatia] and it was beyond all expectations. Conners Joce and Nancy are wonderful people who will not only teach you farming but also be an example of how to treat each other after over 20 years of being married. 80% of the food they have in the kitchen is from their farm and they literally would not need a supermarket to go to. We were very impressed of how they treat and connect with their animals and how the animals enjoy to be a part of this farm. Nancy is a great cook. She taught us to make mozzarella cheese, ricotta and how to use every leftover you have in the kitchen. Conners gave us important lessons about animals – how they feel, how they behave and what their job is. He was giving us trust and responsibility from the first day so we could build a new chicken house and a roost as we wanted it to look like. He showed us how to move cattle and through the work we understood why the meat they have is so special and tasty like nothing we ever had before. The whole time we had big help from Elizabeth- she is the intern at the farm. She showed us how to milk a cow, how to take care of animals and how to live with the nature and being satisfied with simple things like the sound of trees in the wind. I would recommend to visit the farm to every city person to have a new perspective on the sense of its job and life and to everyone who wants to learn about producing own food and the difference between an organic farm and a factory farm. We hope to be back in the future.
Francis Lusso
We purchased our Chinchilla a couple weeks ago and he is an absolute doll. The first cpl days/nights he was snuggly and so friendly- then he went into a skiddish, scared, loner mode. A few days later he’s a new chinchilla. Now he’s adapted, he will reach through the cage to grab you, loves treats and attention and he is back to loving snuggles! Super healthy and fun all around!!
San Francisco..CA
My wife Hailey and I acquired a few acres shortly after getting married and had talked about getting some cattle out. Neither of us wanted them for a purpose other then for the looks (Land ornaments is what we call them) so Hailey found Conners Mini’s Facebook page and showed me all the calves they had. I spoke with Print a couple times about them and he treated me like I was his best friend. After many calls and texts We decided on purchasing one from him. That day he had went out to check calves and called me to say he had another one that would make the perfect pair if I was willing to get a second one. I called Hailey and she of course was all for it so I told him yes We want them both, we will come up from Oklahoma in the next couple weeks to get them. He asked what their names would be so he could tag them and we named them Merle (white) and Hank (brown). On the way there Print called to tell me we might run into some snow and may slow us down, if so just let him know. Little did we know that the snow storm changed directions and turned into a blizzard and we would be coming right through the middle of it. Absolute blizzard it was! We finally got to Conners's and he had no power nor did he want us driving home in it so he offered for us to stay at his house until the next morning so the storm could pass. I had never met this man in my life but the love and care he showed us was like we were family. He said I’ve got a room for you guys or there’s a hotel down the road I’ll call and see if they have a room if they do not please stay here for the night. The hotel did have a room so we stayed there and the next day driving home he checked on us til we made it to Kansas to ensure we were safe due to the snow storm. Fast forward about a year and I find that Merle has broke off his horn. I called Conners as quick as I could to ask for some advice and he walked me through everything once again treating me with the utmost care and for roughly two weeks after he called and text to make sure all was healing well. So to this, I thought it would only be right to show updated pictures of them in the snow like the day we brought them home. Conners, thank you for the two bulls you gave us and thank you for showing pure joy and love to some strangers you’d never met. It touched me and Hailey then and still does to this day as a reminder of how to treat those that come into our lives. It has brought me and my wife so many memories, and my extended family/friends.
John Doe
Kristian Friedman

When I was ready to pursue my lifelong dream of owning Miniature Miniature donkey, Conners was there to help make it come true. I know I can always trust her honesty and impeccable integrity. I am excited to work with Conners in purchasing even more.

Maureen Sutherland | Salt Lake City, Utah

Parnella Desnoyers

I looked for several years before buying a miniature cow, I’ve always felt very fortunate that I found you guys and your minis!! We love our girls and could not be happier. Our friends that told us about you couldn’t be happier either.

Phyllis LaMalfa | Scottsdale, AZ

Kayleigh S. Cooper

We bought a beautiful mini calf from the Zutavern family and have LOVED every minute of the experience. Their cows are all very well cared for, their ranch is amazing, set in the picturesque Sandhills of Western Nebraska, and this family has been so helpful to a novice cow person. They have continued to answer our questions and have been helpful even after the sale. We LOVE our cow!
Bob and Sharon Breckner | Hastings, NE

Victoria T. Farmer

We are blessed to have our Mini Highland steer from Rolling 7 Ranch. From the minute we received Red he became an integral member of our family. Red has taught our three kids about responsibility for and care of an animal. Red is gentle and loves to spend time with anyone who is willing to give him a scratch and affection.

Veljko Šimić

April 5, 2018 “When we finally made up our mind that we wanted a family milk cow, that was in milk, and young so we could bring her up. Nancy and Conners helped us pick out the right mini jersey cow for us. They kept and trained her to hand milk and the calf to lead by a halter. We got anxious about her not breeding back on the 1st attempt, but Conners explained how a 1st time heifer can have energy issues. I actually didn’t know any of the thinks he was so willing to explain to me.

June, 30, 2018 “When I picked up the cow calf, Nancy showed me how to load her and the calf up with absolutely no stress except on me. I got them home and found I needed to fix my setup which Conners coached me through over the telephone and even followed up by text.”


Brajko Petrović

“Wow Wow Wow! What wonderful people! Conners, went way out of his way to be blessing to our family. They took their time explaining to us newbies all of our options and the entire process of breeding our cow via AI to a French Bull! They totally went above and beyond in every way. They took such great care of our cow that not only did she come home bred to the absolute best breeding stock, but her body condition had improved 100% during her time spent at Zam Farm! They fed her their special feed regimen the entire time she was there! That was so kind and just goes to show how much they truly care not only their own animals but about also for their clients animals. We just can not thank this family enough for helping us through this process and taking such great care of our girl!.”

Robert B. Kahl

I won’t hold being a former Marine against Conners, only because he has helped with my little cattle herd in person and over the phone so many times. Nancy is the best hostess I’ve ever met, I love my visit with them every year around hog hunting time. “

Chris D. White

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Geraldine C. Maggard

Conners, your help in selling our cows was a God send. With my husband down with cancer I didn’t know what to do about our mini Herefords and the goat. Your phone conversation with him and business dealings gave us both relief and strength to carry on during very difficult times. You and Nancy sold them all, you came and picked them up and you delivered them for us, and took care of all the paper work. Marc has passed on now. As you know Marc sold all his big cows and invested in Miniature Herefords in 1990. He knew his health was failing him too much to run those bigger cows, but the Mini Herefords were gentle and he enjoyed having them so much. I’m enclosing his obituary pamphlet. Thank you so much for all your help. God Bless you both. Barbara – Waller, Texas

Mildred – Waller

Dear Conners: you were so wonderful to help out our neighbor Barbara. She told us all about it, and we want you to sell our miniature Herefords too. , Texas

Keith Land

At approximately 4pm today Champion Farms was blessed with a little addition to its ranks. The baby calf is nursing well and appears to be in excellent health. 90% certain we are looking at a little girl, either way it’s a blessing to see all of them hit the ground healthy. Conners is indeed a Champion. Thank You for selling him to us. 

Maxine J. Hines

Hi Conners, We made it to Katy fine with all the cows and bull. I already have two of them eating out of my hand. Wanted to let you know I got registered with the Hereford Association, it may make it easier transferring the paper work.  it is under my name. Looking forward to seeing you all around the ninth. [For delivery of balance on an order of 9 Cows and 1 Herd Sire] Will get Ken to make you a pot of sausage and chicken gumbo. 

Mary Beth

We feel y’all are charging way too much in shipping [to New York state]. Thanks anyway.

Catherine Garrett

He [KNF Kenneth Ray] is doing great. Tell Conners I will be sending pictures of Madison (12 year old daughter) leading Kenneth Ray. He took to the halter and leading with no fight. He is a very sweet animal [pet bull calf]. Madison is enjoying him very much. Continued success with your farm. Thank you – Catherine Garrett


Someone finally explained it to be so I can understand it [Line Breeding]. (Went back to college to get a degree in Farm and Range management and changed to Landscape Design and Horticulture). Was older than most of my Professor’s which helped me considerably. Anyway, I had a couple try to explain it [Line Breeding] and to me they had no real clue. I knew that Justin Morgan started the Morgan line with one great horse, and I also knew that many of the major breeds were done that way too.

I looked into the “Panda” and concluded as you did – IT AIN’T WORKING.

It seems this gentleman is trying to get somewhere and forgetting where the cart is. I looked at all of his Progeny – for all his “Breeds” and found them ALL lacking in sustainability. The third and fourth generations are just not producing like the first.

Most major breeds, have came from multiple generations of the same “look”.

Look at the “Black Baldy”, some would say it is the best of two breeds. Well it at least it looks like the same animal time after time.

Your Herefords ALL look like the “Regular” size Hereford.

This is what I am looking for. The same, but better.

Thanks for all the information


I try to do as much organic as I can. Used to have my own Pest Control Co., but did the best I could to use the least chemicals possible. Still Live in that world.

Everything we need to take care of ANY problem we have is here on this Earth. (paraphrased) and I totally believe this.

Emily A. Nelson

Hey guys, Tonight I fixed the grass-fed steaks you so graciously shared. They were wonderful. We had a glass of wine with our meal, and needless to say, it was a meal fit for a king. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity. Conners, it was so great having you here. You seemed to be at ease here, and that made us feel so good. We are always so happy when people seem to be relaxed and at ease in our home. We want our home to be a place where others feel “at home”. We look forward to being with you both again. There are a lot of good times to share yet ahead of us.

Wendy C. Robinson

Good Morning Conners . Happy cows in Havana, and as you indicated they would, they are filling out nicely. Bit of Gold is as tall as Moon Beam now and both appear to be both happy and healthy. I do have a question for you. Bit of Gold has dark markings on her nose (see close up photo). Is this some kind of condition we should treat? Another question is about worming? Is it still too early to worm? I seem to recall you indicated we should worm them about April, is that correct? When Conners was here he provide so much information we could not remember it all.

Donald E. Roach

According to the tables, we think Moon Beam will calf in April, and as we talked about before, we think we should breed her back about May. And breed Bit of Gold about the same time. Please let me know if this is correct, We enjoy having the cows on our small place and are looking forward to the calf in April. If it is a heifer, good, but if it is a bull will you help us sell it. As I recall our discussions about this I can not keep it on our small place. (see the 4/25/07 message to see the results of this breeding program.)

Thanks again for all you help.  Huston – Havana, FL

Henry C. Mills

I enjoyed talking to you tonight Conners . Ol’ Cibolo and Martin Luther have done themselves up proud. Cibolo sired 2 heifers and a bull. Martin Luther sired a heifer. They are all mighty fine looking calves. One cow (the one I called Nancy Beth) never calved. She has now been with 4 different bulls with no result so I will be taking her to market real soon. I hope y’all are doing well, we are certainly blessed. I took my little herd to the vet today and got them all current on shots and the calves all tattooed. Tell Nancy gal howdy when she gets back. The Lord be with you.

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