Speritt’s – SOLD


7/25/22, 29.25”, AMHA/AMHR registered Dun Pinto mare with lots of spots and mottling. Her sire is Piney’s Grasscutter ,29.5”, who produced 100% Pinto foals with dished heads and very nice toplines. Her dam is McSperitt’s Bay Rums Perfect Joy. Perfection is tiny boned, has perfect straight legs, excellent conformation and an outstanding pedigree. She is an exceptional broodmare, consistently producing Pintaloosa, Cremello, and Gruella foals. Her foals are tiny, refined and of outstanding quality and elegantly proportioned. She is bred to Bolt Orion Ice, 27.25”. Last year this combination produced a 12.5” Gruella mare. Available Here In Conners Farm.



Selfie is one of the flashiest overos we have ever bred. She is a splash overo and we look forward to her going into our broodmare band. Her first foal in 2018 was a dream come true for Tony, a gorgeous frame overo, Little America’s Overo’s Oh My Gosh!


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