anca Luna


Miniature donkeys weigh between 200 and 450 pounds. Their height limit at maturity is 36 inches at the withers which is the last hair of the mane at the bottom of the neck. They are quite intelligent, curious, and very affectionate. They are very easy to train to pull a cart or carry a small child.



12/10/22, Birth Height 17”. White Jennet with Blue Eyes. Sire: Silver Q, 31”, White Spotted Jack with Blue Eyes (See Foundation Sires). Dam: TFM’s Bandito’s Chalupa, 29.5”, Grey Dun (See Foundation Jennets). Luna has a very gentle nature and has exceptional conformation and an impressive pedigree. She has beautiful BLUE eyes. Weaned in March.
$1000 with Registration Application
$650w/o Papers


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