Miniature Goat – SOLD


Baby goats from US come with the following;

Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee
Health Guarantee.
Health Certificate.
Age appropriate shots.
Worldwide free delivery.
Proof of purchase



Adorable baby goats for sale.

At Conners Farm we sell Miniature Goats for owners that want to have goats as pets. Our miniature goats are not for milk, wool, or meat, just as a pet!

Miniature goats are cute, friendly, easy to care for, and make good companions for your children.

The Big Bell Farm is a registered breeder of Miniature Goats and we’re also a member of the Miniature Goat Club.

If you’re interested in buying Nigerian Dwarf goats, look no further than We have a wide selection of Nigerian Dwarf goats for sale from …


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