berry noh




berry noh is an A generation Harlequin ram born February 2020. His dam is Blue, a blue-eyed FP Harlequin, and his sire is Bentley, a B generation Harlequin ram. He is registered with the Harlequin Sheep Society and Registry.

We will be using Huckleberry in the 2021 breeding season for some of our 2022 lambs. However, he is related to a third of our ewes so we will be looking for a new home for him in Spring 2022.

He was born with full blue eyes like his dam, but they have turned to partial blue as he has gotten older.

He is a proven ram who bred 5 of our ewes when he was 7 months old. He produced spots even with purebred solid-colored babydolls. He has never been aggressive with us and is easily caught and handled. We are very excited to see his offspring this coming Spring!

We intend to offer him alone or as part of a breeding pair in spring 2022. Pedigree, additional photos, and videos available.


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