Turkey Hatching Eggs


Royal Palm Heritage Turkey Hatching Eggs (with chance of recessive slate) NPI


April 3, 2024 availability update: wait time is less than 2 weeks for turkey orders

It’s Spring and our Turkeys are laying in North Florida! They will only lay consistently through July so get your order in while you can!

Please note orders take up to a week to collect! I freshly collect your eggs as you order them. I only take 1-2 orders at a time… but please be patient and expect up to a week for me to ship your eggs. I will send you a message on the day that I drop them off to the post office.

You are purchasing Royal Palm/Mixed Color Heritage Turkey Hatching Eggs. We have 1 GORGEOUS show quality Royal Palm Tom, with 4 amazing and beautiful Royal Palm Hens. However we do not keep our our hens separated as we do not have space on our family farm. So we also have two incredibly rare and beautiful Recessive Slate Hens and one Narragansett hen. These are NOT mixed breeds. All heritage domestic turkeys are the same breed, they only differ in a few color genes. Our eggs are incredibly fertile as we keep 1 Tom and 7 hens.

That being said… shipping eggs is a gamble. Always purchase more eggs than you would like to hatch, I typically expect 50% hatch rates when I purchase shipped eggs.


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