Care Package
chinchilla will go home with a care package, including some essential supplies and a care sheet. The package includes 1lb of pellet, some hay cubes, organic apple chew sticks, shredded wheat and dust bath. The care sheet has information on experienced exotic vets in Southern California and basic chinchilla care. This will help your new chinchilla transition its new feed and environment.

Special Requests
Chinchilla price varies upon availability, quality and color. Young/Baby chinchillas for sale will come home with a care package and a card (only available upon request) with DOB and color of parents. Pedigreed breeding stock is available upon request and will come home with three generation pedigree card.

Payment Methods
50% deposit (non-refundable) is required to place any chinchillas on hold. Full payment is required prior transportation. We only accept payment in cash or by PayPal.

Direct delivery is available with a fee in Greater Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego areas twice a month. Please set up a date with us! Transportation is also available to the upcoming shows we plan to attend. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Chinchillas are the softest pets in the world. This is due to their luxurious fur, very dense but fine. It’s like holding a tiny cloud. Chinchillas have a great personality and develop a strong bond with their owners, making them very friendly and unique pets. Some negative aspects of chinchillas are that they are sensitive to heat, can be destructive when chewing and do not like cuddling. If you think a chinchilla is for you, read the blog with tips for their care and sign up for our notification list at the bottom of this page.


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