Chincoteague Ponies


Pepe is weaned and is for sale. He has just started halter training. Pepe will likely be 14-14.2 hands. Pepe is 1/2 Chincoteague and 1/2 mustang. He can be registered as 1/2 Chincoteague. He’s super sweet and absolutely adorable.



The Pony Auction takes place the day after the Pony Swim, beginning at 8 am at back of Carnival Grounds.

The auction serves two purposes.

First, the auction helps to control the overall size of the herd, keeping it from growing too large. Each year about 60 foals are born on Assateague Island, VA. In order to keep the overall herd at a sustainable size, most of the foals are sold at the auction. A few select foals are designated as ‘buybacks’. A buyback pony is auctioned with the stipulation that it will be donated back to the Fire Company and returned to Assateague Island to replenish the herd.

Secondly, the auction is a fundraiser for the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company. The Fire Company uses some of the proceeds from the auction to provide veterinary care for the ponies through out the year.

Auction winners will receive a certificate saying that they purchased a Chincoteague Pony from the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company.


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