Snowy and Shadow are an adorable pair. They are very calm and love to climb on your hand, arm or upon your sleeve. Snowy became pretty fat and sure enough she started building a little nest so she could have her babies. Daddy was not allowed at that time.

Half an hour later we found 7 little squirming and squeeking pups. They all appear healthy and Snowy is taking good care of them. And daddy is helping around as well. What an adorable pair!
They produced two litters in the fall of 2019 and February 2020.
Misty was borrowed from a local breeder to help us get started again after a long break of no litters.
They produced one litter of 8 born on March 21. The second litter is expected any day now
Our beautiful full Blue Stormy got a litter of 3 born on April 21 and a second litter of 3 born on 21 May.

Its nutritional requirements are varied and include a vitamin-rich protein mixture of 12 percent. It contains garden vegetables, light and dark sunflower, oats, ground corn, corn flakes, wheat, wheat flakes, millet, alfalfa pellets and vegetable oils, as well as peanuts, raisins and crunchy corn flakes. There are also special dry food formulas for gerbils, such as SunSeed Vita Prima, which are suitable for daily feeding.



7 baby gerbils for Shadow and Flakey.

3 blacks, one slate (dilute?), one spotted slate, one silver nutmeg and one nutmeg.

Rodents are good pets and are diurnal, i.e. they are mainly active during the day. They are usually curious and friendly. In general, rodents need houses and toys without plastic, as they need to dig, chew and burrow. Wooden toys are best for chewing. Although they do not like to be disturbed when they are trying to sleep, they like to play and run when they are awake. If you look after them well, they can live for three to six years. These little creatures are sociable and love company; they don’t like to be left alone for long, so it’s a good idea to have another rodent to spend their free time with.


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